Nebraska State Unit on Aging

Nebraska's State Unit on Aging is a unit within the State's Department of Health and Human Service System. The State Unit on Aging allocates federal and state funding and provides program and policy direction and technical assistance to the state's eight Area Agencies on Aging.

The mission of the State Unit on Aging is to promote the dignity, independence, and freedom of choice for older Nebraskans.

To accomplish this, the State Unit on Aging performs a variety of advocacy, planning, research, education, coordination, public information, monitoring and evaluating functions.

General Responsibilities

  • State planning
  • State wide education and public information
  • Reporting to the Administration on Aging
  • Liaison with the Governor with input to policy development
  • Technical assistance and monitoring of Area Agencies on Aging
  • Care management
  • Ombudsman/Legal Services
  • Employment

To Contact the Nebraska State Unit on Aging:

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
State Unit on Aging
PO Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026
(402) 471-2307
(800) 942-7830