Food is one of the most basic of human needs. Yet it is something many of us take for granted. Some people who are homebound are unable to prepare their own meals. Others may choose not to cook a hot and nutritious meal for themselves or want to eat alone. For those individuals, a home delivered or congregate meal is the answer. Nutritious meals and or socialization at mealtime may mean the difference between independence in their own home or institutionalization.

Nutritionally balanced and healthy meals, designed or approved by a registered dietician, meet one third of the daily-recommended dietary needs of adults age 60 or older, as established by the USDA.

The Northeast Nebraska Area Agency on Aging (NENAAA) contracts with several entities to provide congregate and home delivered meals. Meals are offered on a suggested contribution basis for all eligible individuals.


The eligibility for congregate and home delivered meals is as follows:

  • Any person aged 60 or over
  • The under 60 spouse of any person aged 60 or over dining with their spouse
  • A disabled person under age 60 who resides in housing facilities occupied primarily by older persons at which congregate nutrition services are provided
  • A disabled individual who resides at home with an older individual eligible under the Older American Act (OAA)

Home Delivered Meals

NENAAA contracts with several locations to provide home delivered meals. Well-balanced meals are delivered to the homebound by volunteers or paid drivers Monday through Friday. Meals are available at some locations on Saturday and Sunday for those who have extreme nutritional needs.

To receive home delivered meals; eligible individuals must meet one of the following criteria:

  • The individual is homebound and does not leave his/her home under normal circumstances
  • The individual is physically incapable of preparing meals due to impaired vision, hearing, mobility, dementia, or alcoholism, drugs or other therapy causing loss of appetite and emotional instability
  • Physical problems
  • Spouse or caregiver of a home delivered meal person
  • Unable to participate in a congregate meal setting at the senior center due to bad weather

Congregate Meals

There are numerous senior centers and nutrition sites in our service area that serve congregate meals five days a week, Monday through Friday. Several of the centers are now serving evening and breakfast meals to accommodate the needs of the 60+ person.

Check out the menu of the nearest nutrition site or senior center and make a reservation for a great meal!

Want more information?

If you have any questions regarding meals please call:

Lori Olson, Nutrition, Health & Services Coordinator
(800) 672-8368 or (402) 370-3454