Family Caregiver Respite Grant Program

The Family Caregiver Support Program enables frail older adults to maintain their homes by assisting them with respite care.

Description of Service

The Family Caregiver Support Program provides funding for respite care and light housekeeping tasks for individuals 60 and older who are having difficulties maintaining their own home or apartment due to physical or mental disabilities whether long term or short term. The criterion includes the need for regular assistance in the home, preferably from a full time or live-in caregiver.


To enable individuals 60 and over to maintain their own home and remain independent by assisting the full time caregiver with respite and housekeeping tasks.


Recipients must be a competent adult, who is a caregiver for a person 60 or older, or a grandparent who is 60 or over caring for a grandchild. A NENAAA Care Manager, will meet for a home visit to complete a comprehensive assessment to determine the need for this service.

What the respite provider can do

Take the place of the full time caregiver doing whatever is needed for their loved one, including but not limited to personal care, supervision, housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, and laundry.


Are contracted by the client and paid by the client. An In-Home Family Caregiver Grant, if the client is eligible, will reimburse the client up to the monthly contracted amount. Names of Providers will be offered to the client.

Want more information?

Please contact Richard Brandow, Long-Term Care Supervisor:
(402) 370-3454 or (800) 672-8368