Senior Care Options

Senior Care Options (SCO) is a nursing facility pre-admission program that ensures Medicaid applicants, who are in need of nursing facility care, receive information on alternative choices appropriate to their level of care. SCO began in January of 1997 in response to legislation passed by the Nebraska Legislature. Whenever an adult age 65 or older applies for Medicaid assistance to help pay for nursing facility care, the individual is referred to the SCO program. A professional evaluation is completed with information taken from the applicant, family members, physicians, and the nursing facility to evaluate:

  • How much assistance is needed in performing activities of daily living such as dressing, walking, eating, bathing and personal care
  • Whether there are concerns about safety, behavior or memory
  • Whether the applicant’s health condition requires professional nursing services

After the evaluation is completed the SCO counselor will explain what options are available for the applicant. These choices may include:

  • Care in their own home, with In-Home services
  • A short recuperative stay in the Nursing Facility
  • Assisted Living services
  • Nursing Facility services

The SCO counselor from the Northeast Nebraska Area Agency on Aging will then discuss the services of choice, as well as offer assistance in finding and setting up the services needed.

If the client does not have care needs that require Nursing Facility support, the client may be referred to other programs and/or services for assistance.

The goal of SCO is to provide our clients with information about the options that are available for them so they can make an informed decision about their future. In addition to helping the client find "the right care at the right time" Senior Care Options saves taxpayer dollars by making Medicaid more efficient.

For more information, contact:

Richard Brandow, Long-Term Care Supervisor
Northeast Nebraska Area Agency on Aging
(402) 370-3454 or (800) 672-8368