SHIP - State Health Insurance Assistance Program

Medicare and other types of health insurance can be confusing to many people; therefore, the federal government, through the Administration for Community Living, funds a state health insurance assistance program in every state. The Nebraska State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is a division of the Nebraska Department of Insurance. The Nebraska State Health Insurance Assistance Program contracts with the Northeast Nebraska Area Agency on Aging to provide local help for Nebraskans with Medicare. The SHIP toll-free number is (800) 234-7119 for residents of Nebraska.

SHIP has a statewide network of certified counselors trained to educate people about Medicare and Medicare Fraud Awareness.

SHIP can help with:

  • Medicare eligibility & benefits
  • Medicare Fraud Awareness
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
  • Extra help with prescription costs
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Cost Plans
  • Employer and Retiree Insurance

SHIP counselors will not recommend policies, companies or insurance agents but will provide free, unbiased answers to the questions of consumers and their caregivers.

An important role of the SHIP program is to provide outreach and education to people with Medicare and others regarding health insurance options, benefits and choices. Counselors are available to meet with consumers for personalized counseling, to help with problems, and to provide support during decision making.

Administered by the Nebraska Department of Insurance, Nebraska SHIP serves as the SMP program helping individuals identify and report possible Medicare fraud, error, or waste, and provides consumer tips on avoiding health care scams.

Want more information?

SHIP offers a toll-free hotline for residents of Nebraska. Any person eligible for Medicare, concerned relatives or friends can call the SHIP hotline for answers to insurance questions or to arrange a meeting with a SHIP counselor at (800) 234-7119.

Please contact Bev Myers at:
(402) 370-3454 or (800) 234-7119